Corporate Care

At Diva International Inc., we are dedicated to giving back to our community and those in need. This year alone, we have supplied over 35 North American community groups and charities with DivaCup Gift Bags for raffle, helping to raise funds for community projects, international aid and educational programs.

We have also undertaken a few new initiatives: supplying community women’s shelters with DivaCups, which not only provide a better period care solution for women, but empower them with new knowledge about their menstrual health.

Charitable Organizations

Diva International Inc. proudly supports a number of organizations who provide health, education and well-being to women and children in developing nations. Our annual contribution to Vitamin Angels, Lunapads’ Pads4Girls program and Plan Canada’s “Because I am a Girl” campaign are helping communities overcome challenges related to poverty, disease and limited access to healthcare.


Educational Partners

Diva International believes that change begins at home, which is why we invest our time and resources into local community programs and schools. Through our partnership with Sexpressions, Diva International Inc. is able to provide educational resources about sustainable menstrual care to schools and medical professionals across Canada and the United States.