Return Policy


Diva International Inc. cares for the safety of your employees and customers. Since menstrual cups are personal hygiene medical devices that have been in contact with bodily fluids, they may not be returned or exchanged, even if the customer claims the product has not been used, if they bought the wrong size, if the consumer is disappointed with the product, etc. All sales are final.

Consumers wanting to return The DivaCup for any reason should be directed to send an email to our trained Customer Service Staff who will identify the nature of the complaint (manufacturing defect, insertion and removal techniques, etc.). We’ll review the situation to determine how to satisfy the customer’s inquiry or complaint.

Health Regulations
The DivaCup is regulated as a Class II medical device by the U.S. FDA and Health Canada, and Diva International Inc., is mandated to also adhere and be certified to the ISO 13845 Quality Management Standard. These regulations and standards outline specific parameters concerning the handling and disposal of any menstrual cup which has been used by the consumer. Handling a used cup is a violation of government regulations and international standards*.

Manufacturing Defect
Diva International Inc. will ONLY exchange products to consumers for Manufacturing Defect. We utilize a specific method of receiving returns for Manufacturing Defect purposes that is directed by government bodies. Please email us at and/or by phone at 1-866-444-DIVA (3482) or 519-896-9103 to report any Manufacturing Defect reported from retailers, e-tailers, resellers, or consumers. A Manufacturing Defect is an error or flaw in a product, introduced during the manufacturing rather than the design phase. If there is a concern that affects more than “normal fallout” occurring in the manufacturing process, we will use the lot numbers and tracking system for recall and quality control. Once the customer has contacted us and we have evaluated it as a Manufacturing Defect, we will give them instructions on how to return the defective product back to us so that a new DivaCup will be mailed to them at no charge.

Medical – Related Inquiries Policy
If anyone notifies you of a situation that could be construed as “medical,” please refer them to contact our trained Customer Service Staff at or 1-866-444-DIVA (3482) or 519-896-9103. Because we are not medically staffed, we will: 1) refer the consumer to her physician; and 2) log the event in our FDA, Health Canada, and ISO 13485 files, as mandated by these bodies.

Thank you for verifying that your entire purchasing, accounting, sales and marketing teams are aware of this policy. Should you have any questions, please email to

*Such as the Center for Disease Control’s “Universal Precautions.” Also refer to the USPS, Canada and International Postal Codes.