About Us

Our founders, a mother-daughter team from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada,
are disruptors in the menstrual care industry.

Since 2002

Challenging the status quo

Since 2002, Diva International Inc. (Diva) has been challenging the period status quo with the DivaCup®, the original reusable, convenient silicone menstrual cup and the top selling menstrual cup in the world.

We have moved beyond tradition, redesigning the look and feel of the feminine hygiene industry with better products and a better name – menstrual care.

Our company has not only revolutionized the way that people handle their periods we're now part of an incredible movement that's changing the conversation around periods and bringing issues such as period poverty to the forefront.

Carinne Chambers-SainiDiva International Inc.
CEO and Co‐founder

We Started An Inner Revolution

From an idea, to a product, to a global company that continues to challenge the
status quo. See how our ambition and spirit is revolutionizing the period experience.


Our Vision

Beyond the Cup

With our commitment to continually innovate, we know that the DivaCup is a game-changer, but we’re so much more than just our products.

We’ve come a long way.

What began as an idea, became a product that started an Inner Revolution that has taken the world by storm. We’ve gone from underdog to top dog. From a local company to a global one.

And we’re just getting started.

We’re advocates for menstrual health and education.

We’re period warriors fighting for menstrual equity through our social impact program, DivaCares.

We’re environmentally focused citizens providing education and awareness to help decrease the menstrual carbon footprint.

We’re innovators, disrupters and boundary-pushers.

B Corp Certified

Business as a force for good

Energized by our B Corp Certification, we are motivated not by profit,
but by the people whose lives we are transforming with our menstrual
health innovation.

We strive to help people live life without limits. And there’s no
limit to the imagination and drive we’ll bring, every day, to fulfilling
that goal.

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We provide solutions that help people live life without limits.


To be the most loved brand in our industry.

Why Diva?

Behind the name

Our name choice reflects our commitment to the highest of standards. We expect more, because it’s what our customers deserve. Diva means fearlessness and confidence to bring the world better period care options. We invest in menstrual health research; using business as a force for good for consumers, the community and the planet.

DIVA means fearlessness and confidence