COVID-19 Update: An Important Message From Our CEO

To our global community,

When I first started following the news of this unusual flu-like virus on the other side of the world, I could not have imagined that only a short time later it would have this degree of impact on us and our daily routines. As a CEO and business owner, the challenges we are facing are unprecedented. I have experienced so many emotions as I’m sure many of you have too. The last few days have been all consuming with CoVID-19 and I felt it was important to take this opportunity to share what has been on my mind and provide some updates to our team, our loyal consumers, our business partners, and our network.

Towards the end of last week, I managed to step back and find a few quiet moments to reflect on this situation, and to ask myself what the right thing to do for the business was. All I could think about is how we need to protect our team and minimize the chances of them getting sick. And how could we do that if we continue business as usual? I was also thinking about how difficult it would be for them to be focused on business when they would be constantly worried about the wellbeing of their families and loved ones.

This realization meant there was only one thing to do – close our offices for the foreseeable future and allow our team to work remotely and on a schedule that would allow them to find the balance they need. Everyone seemed very relieved but also grateful for the opportunity to do so.

This has become a very strange and disruptive time for everyone, with things evolving every hour. We are all doing our best to adjust and my heart goes out to everyone who is suffering and experiencing loss. For me, this experience has been a major wake up call and reinforcing some key business lessons that often get overlooked in the hectic pace of day-to-day operations. It’s also allowing me to realign and look back at the key pillars we put in place in building Diva almost twenty years ago.

  • Trust – We wanted to establish a company that was founded on trust. Trust that leadership was looking out for employees. Trust that employees would act in way that aligned with our values and our mission. Trust starts with recruitment and needs to be nurtured and reinforced constantly. When it came to make the decision to have our teams work remotely and on a personalized schedule, knowing that we had trust meant that I knew we would succeed.
  • Empowerment – Not only does this mean empowering individuals to make their own decisions, but also providing the tools and resources to enable success. Several years ago, we started making investments in our technology and processes to prepare for a time when something like this could happen. We introduced a work from home program, learned some lessons, and made refinements. I’m proud to see an empowered team at Diva rising to this challenge.
  • Willingness to learn and ask advice of others – Despite what we might think at times, we don’t know everything. Our decisions are strengthened from the input and contributions from those we surround ourselves with. Asking for an opinion or for guidance isn’t a sign of weakness, rather it’s a sign of strength in that we recognize our own limitations. Over the years I’ve surrounded myself with amazing people who are willing to challenge my assumptions and offer diverse stances. This has helped me grow as a person, and also to elevate and grow Diva as a business.

Even with all the fear and uncertainty, I am choosing calm, strength, hope and most of all love and kindness. There is a shift happening in the world, and it can truly be a time for us to reflect and spend time reconnecting with ourselves and our families. This is a reset, and a chance for us to build resilience and prove that we are stronger than our circumstances. Change will come out of this, but we must put fear aside.

During trying times like these, it’s heartwarming to see how humanity is rising to the challenge to face adversity, and support those around them. I feel like businesses, and business leaders, should do the same. We are all part of the global community and are facing the same challenges, and we will all be stronger from sharing lessons and experiences. I’d love to hear from you about what’s been working for you over these past few days.

Do you have a success story? Tell us about it.

Have you tried a new approach that is paying off? Let’s hear it.

Is there a lesson you’ve learned that you think others would benefit from? Share it with the world.

Do you have a question that you’d like to get insights on from the community? Now’s the time to ask it.

Wishing you continued health and safety,

Carinne Chambers-Saini
CEO and Founder
Diva International Inc.