Products & Ingredients

We’ve found a better way to period. Our products are safe and healthy for your
body and have a significantly reduced impact on our environment.

The DivaCup Series


Our product line-up

We believe that everyone should have a happy and
healthy period experience. That’s why we work hard
to make sure our products, the DivaCup® and
DivaWash®, are certified, registered and
manufactured with health and comfort in mind.



When it comes to what goes into our products, we ensure that our ingredients
are good for the environment and of course, our consumers.


100% medical grade silicone

The DivaCup is made only of 100% medical grade silicone, a material with a
proven track record of compatibility with the human body.

DivaCup is free of added chemicals, plastics, BPA and dyes, and exclusively
available in unpigmented silicone.


Manufactured and
packaged in Canada

The silicone cup is manufactured and packaged in Canada. Our facilities undergo regular, rigorous audits to ensure quality and environmental standards are met.


Good for you, and the planet

The DivaWash is a menstrual cup wash specifically formulated to clean your
DivaCup without damaging the silicone material. Like the DivaCup, it’s good
for your body and the earth.

The supplier of our DivaWash liquid formula is a charter member of
Responsible Care, a UN-Recognized sustainability initiative towards safe,
responsible and sustainable chemical manufacturing.


Plant-based, pH-balanced and vegan

The DivaWash formula contains naturally derived, sulfate-free surfactants and is manufactured with sustainable palm oil and palm oil derivatives.